rePetitor is an host-syced beat repeat plugin.
You can trigger it by hand, automation or via the on-board Envelope Follower.
Random repeats and division are straight forward.
It comes in VST/VST3/AU formats for both Mac and Windows.

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Check out the user manual to know exactly what’s inside and how to use it

rePetitor is a straight forward beat repeater

Make your loops more intresting, stutter your input out or drive it to IDM madness with few tweaks.

It work wonderful with drums.

Fixed or Random

Customize the effect behaviour with length and number of stutter repetition.

If you toggle the random on the value becomes the maximum it can reach-

Trigger it with Envelope Following

Activate the Envelope Follower section with “To Freeze” toggle.
Now you can set the threshold that makes it stutter, apply a sidechain gain and filter (hipass or lowpass) to the fine tune the triggering signal-


See what is happening

You have a counter to know exactly what’s repeating when.
The freeze button triggers the repetition the hard way (glitchy attitude you have)

The wet slider mutes dry when set to full right, mixes it when lower-