Chiavika is a real time tape-like sampler plugin.
It’s an effect so you can mangle your audio straight away, no sample loading involved.
You can control playback rate, record lenght, loop length, loop start, fades and much more.
It comes in VST/VST3/AU formats for both Mac and Windows.

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Check out the user manual to know exactly what’s inside and how to use it

Rate Control


The Rate parameter lets you change your playspeed rate in real-time.
You can get full tape-stop, reverse, slow down or speed up your incoming audio istantly with a single automable parameter.
Control it in semitones to get precise harmonic effects-

Visualize what is happening

You got an useful little graphic visualization of everything that is happening in the plugin istance. Focus on Recording and Play Heads with fades and loop boundaries-

Control it with Midi Notes


Every parameter can be MIDI-mapped with your DAW system but you can also directly control Rate and Playhead Retrigger with notes using the plug MIDI Input-