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Chiavika is a real time tape-like sampler plugin.
It’s an effect so you can mangle your audio straight away, no sample loading involved.
You can control playback rate, record lenght, loop length, loop start, fades and much more.
It comes in VST/VST3/AU formats for both Mac and Windows.

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Chiavika is a Tape-like:

instant sampler
sound design tool




Rate Control

The Rate parameter lets you change your playspeed rate in real-time. You can get full tape-stop, reverse, slow down or speed up your incoming audio instantly with a single automatable parameter. Control it in semitones to get precise harmonic effects-

Visualize what is happening

You got an useful little graphic visualization of everything that is happening in the plugin istance. Focus on Recording and Play Heads with fades and loop boundaries-


Control it with Midi Notes

Every parameter can be MIDI-mapped with your DAW system but you can also directly control Rate and Playhead Retrigger with notes using the plug MIDI Input-

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Lock is a random MIDI sequencer plugin.
Lets you create random looping melodies or chords in few seconds.
It was inspired by Tom Withwell’s eurorack sequencer “Turing Machine”.
It comes in Max For Live and VST/VST3/AU formats for both Mac and Windows.

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Lock is a random (but very musical) sequencer

It is directly inspired to the mind-opening eurorack sequencer by Tom Withwell “Turing Machine”.

Let it move with Midi notes and get your musical sequences (and chords!) out fast.


Dedicated Max For Live device

We made an .amxd version of Lock
in order to use it simply with Ableton Live.

This will save you three track routed together
which you have to keep if using a MIDI-generator VST-


Random Probability

For every note Lock receives it calculates the one that comes out:

With probability full left you always get a completely random sequence.
With probability full right you have a locked sequence.

Everything in between sets the amount of randomness-


Scale Quantizer

You can select your scale and impose your key to the sequence (even if locked).

Never get out of focus, useful to get something working fast-


Modify your sequence

You can set steps, scale and offset your sequence at any time (even if locked!).

This way you can adjust the result as desired, let it sit in your composition nicely or drive it completely crazy-


Handle behaviour with modes

You can manage your input and output with three different modes:

Keyboard Mode changes the “random” with the incoming notes, allowing you to manipulate your live playing

Pure Mode turns off Offset and Scale parameters, used with Keyboard makes Lock an unique scale quantizer

Passtrough Mode adds the input to the sequence out (to drive other sequencers, events, etc)-

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rePetitor is an host-syced beat repeat plugin.
You can trigger it by hand, automation or via the on-board Envelope Follower.
Random repeats and division are straight forward.
It comes in VST/VST3/AU formats for both Mac and Windows.

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repetitor is a straight forward beat repeater

Make your loops more intresting, stutter your input out or drive it to IDM madness with few tweaks.




Fixed or Random

Customize the effect behaviour with length and number of stutter repetition.

If you toggle the random on the value becomes the maximum it can reach-


Trigger it with Envelope Following

Activate the Envelope Follower section with “To Freeze” toggle.
Now you can set the threshold that makes it stutter, apply a sidechain gain and
filter (hipass or lowpass) to the fine tune the triggering signal-


See what is happening

You have a counter to know exactly what’s repeating when.

The freeze button triggers the repetition the hard way (glitchy attitude you have)

The wet slider mutes dry when set to full right, mixes it when lower-

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