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What is this?

stocAudio is a project founded in 2019 by Alessandro Petrone.
Here you will find mainly audio apps and plugins (VST/AU).

is this A plugin company?

Yes and no.
stocAudio was initially born to accomplish friends requests for little audio-toys to play with.
After months of no-name existence I made this site.
You can buy stuff already online or ask for your own audio toy project.

I got into programming audio stuff mainly as a coding exercise,
definitely not a full-time job. Eventually things started looking nicer and working better and I was told to publish stuff out.

So is this a one-man project?

For now, it is. But it’s not what this exists for.
By now I got help and suggestion by people and friends but none joined the team actively to date.
I’d love someone to help me out with producing nice stuff to put out there.

want to contribute?

no money?

“I mean, I want to get this stuff for free/less”

There is absolutely no problem with it, I’m sincere.

I just need to know why.

It costs me time to make things work, sweat to learn things I don’t know and money to keep the domain, site and software I use updated.

As a 22 years old, currently unemployed (freelancer?), I know what’s like to be craving things you can’t afford, for years too.

“made with juce”

When you open up a plugin you see a “Made with Juce” splashscreen.
This is because I'm currently using a Personal License of Juce Framework to assemble these plugins.
The very first goal of this project is to found an Indie license and legally get rid of the splashscreen.

(Juce is ace)


Buying a plugin from this site mean you have the plugin.
There is no protection on anything.
No license, key or activation side.

There is no counterfeit copy of our plugin.

Is up to you choosing to buy here or get download elsewhere.

Illegally downloading

Often the solution one thinks about first is cracking software.

I cannot stop you from illegally download my stuff from elsewhere but consider that it means destroying the future of this site and, more generally, this kind of independent stuff.

alternative solutions

  1. Remember that shares, likes and comments are a payouts too. If you can’t afford it but you make more people enjoy it then you’re supporting the thing as much as paying for it!

  2. If you feel you can’t pay what I ask for but you would still pay something, please consider a donation. Write down what you wish you could buy and I’ll get in touch with you (personally writing you an e-mail).

  3. If you ain’t got any money to pay don’t be afraid to email me.

    I couldn’t be more happy than receiving a mail from someone in the world that appreciates my plugins and wants to make something new with my stuff.
    Please specify your complete name and tell me about yourself.
    Feel free to be sincere, try to trick me, make me laugh or cry.
    Anything can go, I will personally answer you back as soon as possible.

Thank you for checking this out, if you still think cracking is the right path that’s fine too!